Monday, March 30, 2009

$150 million Listing: Candy Sells Versailles of Bel Air

Spelling Mansion Bel Air Los AngelesThere are listings … and then there are listings. Candy Spelling, wife of deceased uber-producer, Aaron Spelling, is putting “The Manor” -- her French chateau inspired residence -- on the market for $150 million, the most expensive residential listing in the United States.

The property -- which looks like a French chateau and is slightly larger than the White House -- is the largest home in Los Angeles County. Spelling, the mother of actress Tori Spelling, describes it as the "greatest entertainment house ever" with a "kitchen where you can cook for two or 800." The parking lot, dubbed the "motor court," can accommodate 100 vehicles, with 16 carports to boot.

Built in 1991, the three-story house has many rooms customized for specific purposes. There's Aaron Spelling's automated projection room (one of Candy Spelling's favorites), a bowling alley, a flower-cutting room, a wine cellar/tasting room, even a silver storage room with humidity control. Outside there is a swimming pool with pool house, tennis court, a koi pond, gardens and a citrus orchard.

To house the staff, a service wing has five maids' bedrooms and two butlers' suites, one of which has a kitchenette. The house is believed to have more than 100 rooms. Spelling said she isn't sure, because she's never counted them. [Source]

Much speculation remains whether they can get $150 million in today’s tepid market.

"Once a decade one of the trophy properties in Los Angeles becomes available. Certainly it's a lot of money, but it's not like there's another one around the corner for sale." Says Realtor Kurt Rappaport.

Candy Spelling bought the top two floors of a Century City condo building last summer for $47 million. The purchase set a record price paid of $2,848 per square foot for an L.A. condo. The "apartment," as the understated Spelling called it, is going to be ready at the end of the year, and she hopes to move in by March or April of 2010.”

Despite her move, Candy will remain “on top of the world.”