Friday, March 12, 2010

Los Angeles Driving 101: Parking Permitted at Failed or Dead Meters

We spend a lot of time driving -- and parking -- in the City of Angels. And there is nothing more welcome than the sight of a vacant spot right by your destination ... until you spot the dreaded "dEAd" or "FAIL" digital read-out, leading you to another round of circling the block -- or worse -- putting the vehicle in a $20 lot.

We've gotten some clarification on these broken meters -- you can actually park in these spots!

Amir Sedadi, assistant general manager of the Transportation Department, assured members that "the policy of the Department of Transportation is not to issue any citations to broken meters." But in some instances, Sedadi said, broken meters can inexplicably snap back into operation, which could be why some Angelenos have been ticketed. [LA Times]
According to the article, 10 - 12% of all city meters are broken at any given time. (Somewhat akin to the city's unemployment level.) Conscientious citizens can report failed meters online on the city's website or by calling the city's hotline at (877) 215-3958.