Monday, August 29, 2011

Venice Development Watch: Rose Avenue Flourishes

Whilst it's generally agreed that it's tough times in the national real estate market, it seems as if the little pocket of Venice just keeps going from strength to strength.

As I reported some months ago, there is significant development happening at the site of the old Pioneer Bakery Building on Rose Avenue between 5th and 6th. Mesh fencing has recently been installed around the construction site and an assortment of construction crew, architects, developers and commercial enterprises are pouring in and out on a daily basis.

It's starting to take shape now and is cutting an imposing figure on the normally sleepy boulevard which runs West to East from the Ocean toward Lincoln. However, undaunted by the big boys moving in (like Whole Foods on Rose and Lincoln), the local businesses are still thriving with Oscars Burger Bar opening up right next door to the already overly-popular Venice Beach Wines. And further down on the beachfront, Venice Ale House still does a bustling trade.

But, I digress, in 2008 it looked like the Pioneer Bakery was destined for failure. But a new plan was approved in May and it calls for a 
...three-story building over two levels of parking. Like a loaf of bread, the residential section of the mixed-use project would be sliced into three sections, with courtyards tucked in between. A restaurant and series of retail pods totaling just over 10,000 sq. ft. would front Rose Avenue. The developer has also proposed a generous landscaping plan along the sidewalk.
As a local resident who regularly strolls the streets around Rose for my daily coffee at Groundworks, my too frequent ceviche's at the taco truck, and my ludicrously expensive groceries at Whole Foods, I can't wait to have another venue where I can go hang, wander and meet with the locals. As someone pointed out to me recently - "its about time Rose got some of that Abbot Kinney crowd back."