Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Concerto in Downtown Los Angeles Will Be Leased in Fall 2011; Complex Has Identity Crisis, Loses Its Moniker and Becomes Apex

Concerto (now Apex) with Rental Building in Rear, Condo Building in Front
One Downtown Los Angeles condo project that we grew to love -- Concerto -- has a new name -- Apex -- and will be coming to market this fall as a rental building.  Those of you with deep memory may recall that embattled developer Sonny Astani lost control of the building, and ownership was handed to Corus Construction Venture.

View down Figueroa from Corner Unit
A recent post from Curbed LA reports that the building will in all likelihood be leased, rather than sold as condos.  (See the Apex listed here.)

Pool / Garden Area Under Construction

We are disappointed that these excellent units will not be coming up for sale.  We have every confidence that they would sell: this product type (clean, new, 1 br / 2 br units) and location (can't beat 9th and Fig -- close to LA Live) are precisely what would be in demand at the moment. 

Alas, Concerto-watchers, time to turn your sights to Apex, and lease the unit that you dreamed of owning.